Core Features

What makes us stand out from the other decision apps?
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Modern Design

IDUNNO was designed to be a user-friendly application. It was created to look colourful in order to keep our users attached to IDUNNO because that was the meaning of it, to have you satisfied of our application.

UX Oriented

Do you know what is important for us? You of course, that is why we managed to keep the application as simple as possible because we know that you like it simple and beautiful.

Innovative Ideas

The ideas that build the IDUNNO application came from a great team that stood together in order to keep the IDUNNO as brilliant as possible.

Constant Development

The development team is doing its best to keep the IDUNNO application up to date for you. We are constantly developing the application in order to make sure that you, our user, will be satisfied of our application.

App Reviews

Below you will find some of our users who were more than happy to share their opinion of the application with us.
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“While using the application I have encountered an issue that blocked me from uploading my profile picture so I contacted the Support team. I was really surprised to find out that they were really quick to jump and help me. They were so friendly that ended up fixing the issue by themselves. I really enjoyed the promptitude of the Support team. Thank you!”



“Hello, guys! Thank you for what you have did with IDUNNO, I’m really enjoying the theme of the application, the colours and how easy it is to use it! My friends always told me that I was really bad at making decisions, but now, with your help, making decisions was never so easy. I can let them vote the decisions for me. Thank you IDUNNO!”




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